Are you tracking the right metrics for your paid campaign?

Companies spend thousands of dollars each month on paid marketing campaigns. These paid campaigns come in various forms (Text, Image or Video). To make your campaign performance better & successful you have to track and make meaningful changes to metrics such as Click-Through-Rate (CTR),  Cost Per Click (CPC), Conversion Rate (CVR), Cost Per Action (CPA) and Impressions as well as other variables that tell how relevant is your ad content.

Top Metrics for Online Paid Ad Campaigns

All campaigns have different objectives; below is a list of some important metrics for tracking campaigns with different objectives, including brand awareness, sales/lead generation, user engagement, traffic and customer education.

Examples of Campaign objectives:

  • Increase Conversions by 10%
  • Increase Conversion Rate to 1.5%
  • Increase CTR by 5%
  • Reduce CPC by 20%

Once your goals & objectives are clear, you could select the essential metrics for your paid marketing campaign, ad group or account level.


Objective: Brand Awareness
Metrics to measure for brand awareness campaign

  • Views
  • Impressions
  • Unique users

Objective: User Engagement

Metrics that allow to write compelling ad copy.

  • Clicks
  • CTR


Objective: Sales & lead generation
Metrics that help to improve conversion rate (CVR) and cost per action (CPA).

  • Conversion
  • Cost
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue Per Conversion
  • ROI
  • Average Position
  • Average CPC

Remarketing campaign

  • Returning Visitors
  • Returning Visitors Revenue

Remarketing campaign

One of two things can happen in sales/lead generation campaign.  A visitor may convert or they wouldn’t. Since the visitor had shown interest in your product or services previously, they still are valuable to you. If the user gets converted, the company has infinite opportunities to build loyal customer through repeat sales, and promotions offer. On the other hand, If user fails to get converted, you can run the re-marketing campaign and analyze the funnel path to determine why the conversion did not occur.

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