How to Check Domain Authority: 3 tools to use

What is Domain Authority?

In terms of Search Engine Optimization, one of the most important factors that determines a website’s ranking is Domain Authority or Domain Ranking. But what exactly this domain authority and how to calculate or check the domain authority for your website?

Domain Authority is a web metrics which was developed by an analytics company MOZ to predict the probability of your website on google. The score of domain authority ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to greater ability to rank in SERP. Put simply, it shows how likely a site is ranked for a particular keyword, based on the SEO authority it holds.

How does Domain Authority work?

Domain authority provides a glimpse of the SEO strengths of a website. Many SEOs use domain authority to check the quality of their inbound or outbound links to understand how this will affect their own website’s ranking. This is also calculated by evaluating linking domain, number of total links, MOZ rank, MOZ trust, domain age, popularity etc. This score can be used for tracking the ranking strength. After Google stopped publishing PageRank, DA or DR is one of the most important element to check the website’s health.

How to calculate Domain Authority?

There is no such formula to calculate domain authority or ranking. These DA & DR calculation is done by various third-party tools and these tools do not disclose their ranking algorithm.

The term “Domain authority” was created by MOZ and besides them, there are other software tools available on the Internet which use MOZ API to provide domain authority.

However, some other analytics tools and SEO software provide a different view on domain SEO strength. These software have their own index to provide the score of websites, of course, these indexes are much smaller than Google’s index of URLs.

SEO software companies like MOZ, Ahrefs and Majestic SEO have their own index of URLs. These index tables will largely overlap with each other. These software are roughly based on index size, frequency of indexing crawling, live links & correlation with actual SERP ranking. Choosing the right SEO analytics tools is the big question. Each of the software has their own set of rules to define the SEO term and calculation. Based on popularity and brand in SEO, here are 4 tools to calculate your website domain authority.

  • MOZ (Open Site Explorer)

Moz is a major campaigner when it comes to checking domain SEO authority and health. Moz provides MozBar to check the SEO authority of any site which user is browsing along with page authority of that particular URL. Page Authority (PA) is a similar concept as DA but it belongs to particular URL rather than a domain.

How to Check Domain Authority

These two PA & DA metrics in combination are a great starting point for investigations into the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to a domain. MOZ open site explorer is useful for deeper investigation for a particular website.

MOZ provides 30 day free trial option and later can go for MOZ pro paid option. MozBar and Open Site Explorer provide access to this metric for all, so they can view for anyone seeking a check on their website SEO health.

WE can also consider these metrics same as a Page authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DR) from MOZ.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is as popular as MOZ. They have a huge index of domains, which makes it a top choice for SEO analytics. The important metrics from AHREFS are URL rating (UR) and Domain Rating (DR). In addition, we can also consider these AHREFS metrics equivalents to Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority respectively. Same as DR and AR, AHREFs have AHREFS rank or AHREFS DR score. It appears on their software’s main overview page.


Both Moz and Ahrefs have invested significantly in improving the size, quality and freshness of their link data. Some SEOs have a preference for one over the other, and their scores do vary significantly on occasion. Those that prefer Ahrefs typically do so for the freshness of its index and DR’s correlation with actual rankings.

  • Majestic SEO

Majestic is marketed as “The planet’s largest link index database” and it remains a trusted component of any SEO toolbox for the thorough nature of its backlink data.

Majestic SEO offers two different indices – Fresh and Historic, which allow marketers different views of how their domain is performing. As with Ahref and MOZ, the site score is calculated based on the quality and quantity of inbound links. This software gives you slightly different metrics i.e. Trust Flow and Citation Flow. These are interrelated metrics that combine to form the set of Majestic Flow Metrics.

These important metrics provide immediate score (ranging from a low of 0 to a high of 100), and also the opportunity to dig further into the backlink data.

A favorite feature of Majestic is the ability to analyze historical backlink acquisition trends, both in terms of links gained and links lost. For example, the loss of a lot of links on a particular date may provide an opportunity to reach out to webmasters and try to regain that equity.

All these tools aim to check functioning of Google as possible as they can. If these tools can be used together, it will create a perfect picture for a marketer.

Working towards a higher Domain Authority should be the priority for every company that wants to improve its ranking. If you are still unsure about your website SEO checklist, contact us for a quick review of your website’s health.



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