4 ways to manage online reviews for your business

4 ways to manage online reviews for your business-H


Looking for ways to improve your search engine performance and boost your company’s SEO ranking?

While you can’t strictly control where your business appears on search engine results pages (SERPs), you can apply industry best practices in order to influence your search rankings. One such practice is actively managing your online reviews.

For any business that operates on a local level, the online reviews your past customers leave you can truly make or break your SEO strategy. Google and other search engines want to give users the best customer experience possible. Therefore, it stands to reason that plenty of good reviews will help your rankings. Moreover, positive reviews can increase the number of click-throughs to your site, giving your SEO an extra boost.

There are three tips to help you manage your online reputation and boost your SEO strategy.

  1. Monitor your online review

Efficiently monitoring your online reviews enables you to see when a new post is written about your company. Knowing when a review is posted gives you a chance to respond before other customers see or spread the message. You’re able to send a quick thank you to positive reviewers or do damage control if someone was unhappy with their experience.

You can set up Google Alert so you can get an alert when someone writes areview about your company.  Apart from Google alerts, there are other paid and free reputation management tools such as a Talkwalker, IFTTT, Go Fish Digital Complaint Search where you can see all your reviews at one place. You can monitor your social media reviews on these reputation management tools.

  1. Encourage positive reviews

Getting more positive reviews is the best way to increase your reputation online. But, unfortunately, getting great reviews is not in our control.  You can do everything possible to ensure your customers are happy. If a customer has appreciated verbally or through a message, always encourage them to post online or on social media. You can also encourage them to shop online and leave some positive words. You can always encourage customers to write a online review by offering promotion and discounts on your products or services.

  1. Make it easy for customers to post reviews

Amazon’s customer review system may set the standard for retailers. They include the star system along with written reviews, and they include a search functionality that allows shoppers to read various types of reviews. Amazon also includes easy-to-find “write a review” buttons.

You can include your own calls to action on product pages, within your confirmation pages and emails, or in receipts and invoices.  Always follow up with customers because they will likely leave reviews weeks or even months after they made the initial purchase.


  1. Respond to negative reviews

When you get a negative review, it’s natural, you will try to get itremoved and defend yourself. However, whether you just had a bad day or the customer had unrealistic expectations, you can’t allow yourself to appear aggressive by getting defensive. Instead, you need to look for a way to turn the customer’s opinion of your company around.

The best way to handle a negative review is to apologize and provide them with a private way to contact you, whether that is a phone number or an email address. This will show other visitors that you’ve taken the necessary steps to solve the situation, and you’re handling it professionally and privately.


Search engines don’t want to display companies with lots of poor reviews at the top of their results pages, even if other SEO elements are strong. In order to reach the top of a local results page for your targeted keywords, you need to consider how you’re managing your online reputation.

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