8 Things Not To Do When Using Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the future of marketing with new set of technologies, and opportunities.  Today digital media is vital for any businesses for acquiring and retaining customers.  According to market research, the digital economy is growing many times faster than other traditional economies. To ensure business success in today’s competitive world you have to utilize many modern marketing trends and check for digital opportunities.

Brand-AwarenessDiscover simple digital marketing strategies that will help you in crafting a suitable campaign to get the best results possible. As we all know the secret to success, lies in the art of not making mistakes. Check yourself, and avoid these ghastly digital marketing mistakes.

1. Not Identifying  Target Markets and Understanding Your Audience
Identifying your potential target audience is the first step in any type of marketing strategy. If you haven’t even thought about the identity of your target markets, you are failing to take advantage of a huge opportunity. Don’t make this mistake. Study your audience before writing about your product or service. Take advantage of a market opportunity, the success of the digital marketing campaign depends on the right target audience. Identifying the wrong target market for a product, and services can lead to campaign failure.

2. Not doing any conversion rate optimization (CRO)
In order to get optimum results (a conversion rate of 2% – 5%), you need to put more effort into proper processes, and useful metrics . There was an era in digital marketing when it was okay not to do conversion optimization. That time is far gone. Failure to conduct regular and careful split testing is a recipe for decline. It requires some technical chops and an eye for analytics, but most CRO softwares eliminate the need for in-depth knowledge.

3. Using all social media platforms
Social media channels require a ton of time and energy. If you try to go all out on each one, you’re going to burn out very quickly. A better approach? Pick the top three platforms where your audience hangs out, and give these all your energy. Craft a strategy for social media marketing for each platform individually with measuring the ROI. Focus on quality over the quantity, posting the same content blindly on all social media platforms is wasting your time and money. Social media is all about engaging the user, companies spend thousands of dollar on quality content to reach and engage with their audience. It’s not easy to manage all their social channels. If you using the same content strategy for all social platforms your customers or followers won’t stick long around.

4. Paying for fake followers
Creating accounts on too many social media platforms and paying for fake followers is the biggest social media marketing mistake.  When you create such profiles and buy Likes or followers on Facebook, Instagram or another social network, you aren’t getting people who are interested or willing to engage with you. You are merely buying numbers, fake followers won’t like any of your posts and they won’t leave any comments.   Always try to get new followers who are interested in your products or services.

5. Neglecting the Importance of Content

Importance of Content
Content marketing is the first step in an effective digital marketing strategy. It requires efforts in creating quality and keyword-rich content. Most of the time content is neglected by marketers, but the fact is that today content plays an important role in search engine success. All other website components (Images, Videos, Design and Menus) provide a secondary support role.

6. Having no marketing budget.
Budget allocation can be complex without considering the real ROI in digital marketing. A well-crafted digital marketing campaign has a proper budget allocation to each advertising channels. Creating a budget allocation is not a simple task, it is an art and science based on marketer knowledge and evidence. Many businesses tend to go wrong because of their unplanned budget allocation with their marketing channels. Select the right channel (Search, social media, content marketing, display, affiliate etc) and promotion budget as per your goal.

7. Expecting huge results immediately
Don’t expect too much, too early: Digital marketing takes time to show results and it is an ongoing process. You can change your entire website and start PPC campaign with target keywords and you’ll see some measurable results immediately after you set your bid prices. However, stay realistic about the time it takes to achieve the goals. Keep monitoring campaign performance and eliminate non-performing keywords, ads, otherwise, you’ll quickly lose lots of money on the campaign.  Digital marketing is very competitive and good results may take time. The usual time taken for a campaign’s impact to fully show in results is 4–10 months.

8. Not doing A/B or split testing

marketing strategy & tangible goals
In A/B testing or “split-run testing” involves two or more variants of a page shown to target users with a single variation for one test and determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal. It is an incredibly useful method widely used for website improvement  . Make a single variation for one test because more than one variation in campaign slows down your tests. A/B testing is the best way to check out the consumer behavior for making an action on your promotional & marketing campaign. It helps to compare two versions and determine which one performs better.

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