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5 SEO Best Practices That Could Double Your E-Commerce Sales

Competition is constantly intense in the E-commerce industry. Everyday thousands of new E-commerce websites go live on the internet however only few survive. That some of them compete with giants such as Amazon, Flipkart and Alibaba, to name a few, puts intense pressure on survival.
Most e-commerce businesses believe that it only requires a good UX web development, web design and thousands of the products listings to achieve substantial traffic. Many are hesitant to invest in search engine optimization (SEO), which today has become the most essential ingredient for success in this industry.

5 SEO Best Practices That Could Double Your E-Commerce Sales

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8 Things Not To Do When Using Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the future of marketing with new set of technologies, and opportunities.  Today digital media is vital for any businesses for acquiring and retaining customers.  According to market research, the digital economy is growing many times faster than other traditional economies. To ensure business success in today’s competitive world you have to utilize many modern marketing trends and check for digital opportunities.

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A brief intro to Linked-in and designing effective campaigns

Linkedin networking site. It is a highly useful platform to develop your B2B network. Creating an effective campaign on LinkedIn requires greater understanding of the platform to find new potential customers. In this post, we have provided some basic tips that will help you design an impactful advertising campaign and boosting your ROI.

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