Are you tracking the right metrics for your paid campaign?

Companies spend thousands of dollars each month on paid marketing campaigns. These paid campaigns come in various forms (Text, Image or Video). To make your campaign performance better & successful you have to track and make meaningful changes to metrics such as Click-Through-Rate (CTR),  Cost Per Click (CPC), Conversion Rate (CVR), Cost Per Action (CPA) and Impressions as well as other variables that tell how relevant is your ad content.

Top Metrics for Online Paid Ad Campaigns

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How to Check Domain Authority: 3 tools to use

What is Domain Authority?

In terms of Search Engine Optimization, one of the most important factors that determines a website’s ranking is Domain Authority or Domain Ranking. But what exactly this domain authority and how to calculate or check the domain authority for your website?

Domain Authority is a web metrics which was developed by an analytics company MOZ to predict the probability of your website on google. The score of domain authority ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to greater ability to rank in SERP. Put simply, it shows how likely a site is ranked for a particular keyword, based on the SEO authority it holds.

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Why you need Social Media for your online Business

Benefits of social media for business

Today more and more brands are using social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Google+ and LinkedIn to increase brand awareness, brand loyalty, and sales.  In this competitive market keeping old customers is more cost-effective and efficient than finding new ones. Thus, engaging with your customers on social media is crucial for any business. Especially for a small company having limited resources and little marketing budget to promote their products and services. Social media is a cost effective and highly potent medium for building customer relationships and brand loyalty.

Benefits of social media for business

  • Connecting with customers on a personal level
  • Improve your sales conversation rate
  • Increase sales of your product
  • Improve your search ranking with successful social media strategy

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