5 Key factors while choosing the right SEO Company for your Business

5 Key factors while choosing the right SEO Company for your Business

Looking to SEO your Business? Looking to engage a reputable agency but don’t know how to select one? It is quite common to get confused in the process of selecting an agency. After all, spending cost on digital marketing and SEO and getting good results are really a tough task for business owners.

In a highly populated industry with several agencies claiming to get you good results in major search engines, you need a set of guidelines to help you take the right decision. We have mentioned 5 basic key factors to help you select the right agency for your needs:

1 . Quality & Experience in the SEO Field

How experienced an SEO agency, makes a lot of difference? Creating brand awareness and improving online presence requires some level of experience and expertise. This is a very important factor to put into consideration. The perfect fit to your SEO needs for the business will be that company which has good resources and technical skill. This includes their past track record and their cost structure for all types of businesses. Read more

Should you use Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords?

Online marketing is the most effective form of Digital advertising and can be a powerful driver for your sales organization. Many businesses are leveraging the strengths of online advertising for promoting their product and services. In a study, most businesses now allocate around 40% of their marketing budget to digital media advertising to generate the best ROI for their business. As the popularity of digital media advertising has increased, many businesses weigh the advertising abilities of Facebook and Google Ads because they want to get new customers, boost sales and increase leads. Google AdWords and Facebook advertising can be can be quite effective for your business goals especially for highly-targeted, low cost, and high conversion campaigns.
It is very easy and quick to set-up a campaign. Unlike Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads, it requires skill and experience to get the correct set of keywords and phrases that match your ads and business.

What is your Advertising goal & objective?
Goals describe what a company expects to accomplish with an advertising campaign for a specific period of time. Advertising usually outlines their goals and objectives such as sales, conversions, awareness, traffic, consideration or diving engagement in their advertising campaign business plans. The platform you select depends on what you aim to achieve through your ads. Read more

Importance of SEO for businesses

Importance of SEO for businesses

What Is SEO?

In one line: Optimizing the website and the links referring to it
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the process of getting organic and natural traffic from the various Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). A successful SEO campaign entails carefully selecting keywords, using relevant content and undertaking on-page optimization.
SEO can be divided into two areas – On-page and Off-page Optimization. The former refers to changes made on the website, such as content optimization, using correct meta tags, image optimization and using the right HTML codes. Whereas Off-page optimization refers to the backlinking process. Backlinks are incoming links to a particular website. When a single page is linked via hyperlink to any other page, it is called a backlink.
Optimizing your website for these two areas can lead to higher ranking with the top search engines, which eventually will lead to more targeted traffic on your website. Thus, SEO is an essential component in improving the popularity, traffic and overall prospects of your website and your business. .

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