Improve Your Productivity with 3 Content Marketing Tools

Are you struggling with too much content to market? Looking for effective ways to improve productivity and save time?

Traditional marketing methods have lost their effectiveness. The new-age customer skips TV advertising, ignores billboards and does not care about the buttons and banners while surfing online.

Smart and professional marketers know that there is a better way to market and have turned to content marketing. Interesting, useful content, posted regularly makes a brand stand out from the crowd. Good content brings traffic and increases user engagement but sometimes it is very difficult to come up with good ideas and marketing methods.

Using a number of different tools will give you the ability to streamline your content efforts, accomplish your content goals and become overall more efficient and productive. We have collected some online content marketing tools to ensure that content creation moves in the right direction and brings amazing results.





Buzzsumo helps you find the most popular and discussed topics. You just have to type the keyword or phrase and Buzzsumo will let you see the content that currently gets a lot of shares in the social media space.

There are various options available on Buzzsumo such as a content analyzer, Facebook analyzer, question analyzer and trending. You can select any one of them and can get the results. Also, they have ‘filter’ options where you can filter date, TLD’s, language, content type, word count etc. This is a good way to discover what content is the most efficient in your industry and make sure that your own ideas are relevant and interesting for social media users.

Student Share

If you are creating perceptual content, you have to use relevant and up-to-date sources. For instance, to create interesting and shareable popular scientific articles, you have to dig up a great amount of books and other materials to base your own research on them. However, you can make things easier. Use Student Share to find less-extended and organized materials which include the most essential information. This will help you create relevant content and spend less time on the research. You have to type the title of your sphere of interest in the search bar and Student Share will offer a great number of professionally-composed papers.

Student Share


Ahrefs Content Explorer

Ahrefs which is one of the leading Site explorers, and SEO tool have expanded its horizon with a newly added content explorer. It comes with many feature that a content marketer and blogger would love.

Content Explorer by Ahrefs lets you find most popular content around any topic or from any website. You can sort content based on social share or backlinks. Unlike BuzzSumo, this is not a free tool. You need to have a paid subscription to make most out of it and the free version lets you see only a limited amount of data. If you are an existing paid user of Ahrefs, you would love this newly added feature.

In the search box, you can type any topic, and it will show you the most shared content. You can filter the results by date and language. You can also include or exclude certain domains from the results.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

Summing up

As you can see, there are a great number of efficient and easy-to-use tools that can improve your results and boost your productivity in the field of content marketing. You just have to determine which of them suit you and your team best and benefit from them.

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