Mobile App Store Optimization: How to improve visibility in mobile web search

Do you want to improve your mobile app downloads for free? You have put all your efforts in making a great app, but still you are unable to reach the level where you get a high number of free downloads for your App. To help you in this process, below are some pointers for improving visibility in Mobile web search.

Most users were unaware about mobile app indexing till Google announced their new mobile-friendly update “Mobilegeddon” on April 21st, 2015. It indicates that Google will expand the use of mobile friendliness as a main ranking factor and will use the information from indexed apps.

App Indexing

Google sends crawler to crawl the entire web to gather new and updated information from the websites and stores this information in the index library. This index table is accessed by Google every time while retrieving data. Before Mobilegeddon, Google only indexed desktop and mobile web but after the Google mobile update, it has started indexing content from Mobile Apps.

This Google update was more helpful to retailers who have a mobile app. Retails brands with popular mobile apps benefitted from this Google mobile algorithm. If you are searching for Amazon, Ebay or any other online merchandise. You will get the website, local listing and social media pages and also it shows their App links for android, iPhone and the iPad on 1st page on Google.

App Indexing

Ebay App appear on first page on Google


What is App Store Optimization?

App store optimization (ASO) or Mobile App SEO is the process of achieving better results in Google for Mobile App store. Due to its similarity with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for App stores, it is also referred to as a Mobile App SEO or App Search Optimization.

But how does a marketer optimize for better discoverability in an app store? Higher Google visibility means more app downloads and more downloading gives app stores popularity.

App Store

This seems bad news for app developers who have a good app, but are not listed on the more popular app pages. To get listed in popular pages, App store optimization plays an important role. Here are a few Mobile App SEO tips to get listed on page 1 google ranking:

  1. Understand your customer and competition

Understanding your customer is the most important way to achieve your goal. A well-formed ASO strategy hinges on understanding how your customers use your app and which deeper links they visited most. Below are some questions you may want answered.

  • Which language does the customer use most?
  • How would the customer describe the App?
  • What is their reason for downloading the App?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • What Keywords my competitors are targeting?
  • How easily I can compete against this app for the same keywords?

Your SEO strategies start with putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. It is equally important to do an initial analysis of your competitors to identify which keywords give you better results. Also, asses if you should use high competitive keywords Vs low competitive keywords for your mobile app optimization. You can then determine whether or not it makes sense to target these same keywords or you need a  separate set of keywords unique to your individual value proposition.

  1. Choose the right app name

Selection of brand name is more important in the any business.   For better results, add keywords to your app title as this text is evenly important in app ranking factors. Title in the app stores can be a 255 character, however stuffing keywords gives you negative results as well. To ensure that your app can be clearly identified, keep the actual name short and sweet.

  1. Maximize Your Keywords

The App store and Google play store have different approaches when it comes to ASO keywords. Please check below a summary of the two:

Apps Store


  1. Provide QR link to download the app from Desktop

Providing QR links to download the app from your desktop site is the best option for visitors to access the app. Always remember to compress the link before generating the QR.

  1. Unique icon for your app

The potential user browses endless lists of app so it is more important that your app icon should be clearer and more attractive to the eyes. Regardless of which OS you are designing for, you need an icon capable of breaking through the clutter. Icons should be clear enough that they immediately convey what your app does, even in its scaled-down form within the apps menu.

  1. Include Screenshot and Videos

Screenshot and video may not affect your direct ranking factor, but it gives you better results in the downloads. Users always look for images and videos before downloading any app.

While you can upload up to five screenshots for an iOS app and up to eight for an Android app, your screenshot should show the latest updates, clear view and pages which the customer can spend most of the time.

  1. Promote your App on various platform

To get more traffic and create an online presence, promote your app through all social media platforms, invest some money in online advertising, create a press release and get positive reviews.  After all it is important to remember that on-page optimization is a technique to improve your ranking. To get more ranking you need traffic to the app.

App store optimization is an ongoing process. A successful ASO strategy requires patience, analytics views and regular check-ins. Managing all this stuff with your investment will get better results.


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